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PowerMate - Présentation pour le secteur serrurerie et sécurité


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In this presentation you will find details on labor savings, increased professionalism, reduction in property damage, safety, return on investment (ROI), operator training and PowerMate model information.

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Avec PowerMate, SÉCURITÉ = PROFIT !

This new white paper covers how implementing a PowerMate Stair Climbing or LiftGate Solution can make your company both safer and more profitable.


  • 5 reasons to implement a PowerMate Solution
  • How to cut your time and labor costs by 50% or more
  • How to avoid preventable lifting and moving injuries
  • How and why a PowerMate Solution is right for your Organization!

If safety is a priority for your organization, get the details today and see photos of people moving many of your typical loads.

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