Diables monte-escaliers électriques PowerMate

Diables monte-escaliers électriques

PowerMate® HandTrucks & Stairclimbers, Accessories and Parts

M Series (models):

M-1, M-2B, M-2Cdotted line

# 400210

Chargeur de batterie

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For units with Serial Numbers <36000


# 400211

Chargeur de batterie

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Quatre unités avec numéro de série 36000+

Chargeur de batterie


1¾ pouces

4.45 cm


5 inch

12.70 cm


3 inch

7.62 cm

  • Weight: 1½ lb
  • Input 100-240V AC, Output 12.8V DC/2.5A
  • Solid state charger with auto shut-off
  • Will not overcharge the battery
  • Safe to leave plugged into the PowerMate unit at all times

Note: Your PowerMate comes with a battery charger. This item is a replacement part.

Model Referencedotted line

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