Motor Maintenance & New Motor!

Posted by Contributing Editor on Thu, Mar 12, 2015


With a commitment to continuous improvement, there are a number of product initiatives underway at L P Intentional Inc., the manufacturer of PowerMate. All of these initiatives are happening with the goal of making PowerMate even more efficient and maintaining their current, competitive pricing structure for their valued customers - both past and future! The second involves the introduction of a new motor for all PowerMate stair climbing hand trucks and soon: LiftGates!

Why the Change?

The introduction of the new motor will help streamline the manufacturing process, maintain, if not reduce, product costs through volume and lay the groundwork for new product offerings coming soon including:

The introduction of the new motors to the PowerMate LiftGate Product line-up!

All PowerMate stair climber models with a serial number greater than 36000 have and are being built with the new “dual-post” motor. The new motors are easily recognizable, they have two posts or terminals, unlike the single post grounded motor previously used. The new motors are insulated and do not require grounding to the stair climber or vehicle frame, as in the past. ZC00029WP20141219

This very positive modification is just another example of PowerMate going the extra mile to ensure their customers receive the highest quality products and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership to their valued customers!

Beyond the technological benefits, these motors have been tested and proven to deliver the performance and durability required to meet the highest standards PowerMate demands.


What can I do to help prolong the life of my Motor?

  • Follow the manufacturer recommended ball screw lubrication and maintenance instructions so your motor is not working harder than it needs to. Avoid overheating your motor. Increased excessive motor temperature can have the potential to shorten the life of your motor.
  • Remember to keep your PowerMate plugged-in when not in use. Ensuring your motor has an adequate power supply, will allow it to run at optimal efficiency.
  • For International customers, ensure you have identified the correct charger and voltage at time of order for your country. Not sure which is correct? PowerMate will be happy to assist you in determining the correct accessory.
  • Adhere to the machine's recommended lifting capacities published in the Operating Manuals and the back of the all PowerMate machines, facing the operator.
  • Use only PowerMate factory sourced parts in the repair and servicing your PowerMate.
  • Avoid unnecessary equipment exposure to extreme humidity and water. These two elements can impact the life of the motor brushes. PowerMate motor brushes can be purchased and shipped complete with installation instructions along with a Preventative Maintenance Kit (PMK) available for all PowerMate stair climbers. To learn more about PMK’s, please contact PowerMate or your local PowerMate Partner.
  • Lastly, be aware of the sound the PowerMate machine makes while “opening” and “closing” both empty and with a load. A noticeable change in the sound of the machine can indicate a potential service requirement.

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