Une nouvelle solution pour déplacer les poids d'essai - Secteur élévation

Posted by Contributing Editor on Thu, Jul 09, 2015

Elevator_Button For over 35 years PowerMate has been proven to safely and efficiently help people in Elevator Service and Modernization Industry. Elevator technicians have benefited from PowerMate Solutions to help provide safety moving solutions for items like; sheaves, motors, armatures, generators, controllers, drums, spools of cable, tool boxes and more. Today, PowerMate is proud to announce another industry leading solution created to assist technicians with the movement of test weights!


Elevator test weights are a key component for ensuring the safety of the elevators that many people in the general public takes for granted in their daily lives. They get on an elevator it takes them up or down depending on their destination - without giving it a second thought. The use of elevator test weights is a critical step in the testing and certification of elevators - everywhere. Depending on the elevator and type, they are required to be load tested once every five years.

The change to “full load” testing was implemented April 1, 2014 by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). The change was deemed to be required "to ensure elevators safeties, machine brakes, buffers, traction and traction limits can operate properly with loads up to capacity, as would be the case under real operating conditions." These tests must be done within the calendar year of the five-year anniversary of the last “no load” test.

The test weights used to accomplish this task typically come in a cart format (pictured above).The carts and weights are designed to be as ergonomically friendly as 500 lbs / 227 kg can be. What happens when the technician is confronted with a curb, threshold, stairs, or other obstacles?

Like companies in the Elevator Industry, PowerMate places the highest priority on people's safety. They were happy to develop new accessories for the Model LE-1 to make moving test weights easier, more efficient and most importantly, safer for the technicians tasked with moving test weights when completing the required load tests. Elevator_test_weights2

The NEW PowerMate Test Weight Solution:

The NEW PowerMate Test Weight moving solution includes: a specialized accessory to secure the cart to the LE-1 and the addition of the retractable dolly attachment. The introduction of these two value-added accessories prepares the technician to easily and safely cope with just about any eventually they may face when moving test weights to and from the jobsite. If safety is a priority for your organization; you are invited to click on the icon below to view video of the new solution in action!


Remember to plan to see this and all the PowerMate Solutions developed for the Elevator Industry LIVE at the 66th Annual National Elevator Show in Boston!


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