Solutions pour déplacer les chauffe-eau !

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Jun 01, 2015


Amended Standards for residential water heaters implemented by the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) took effect April 16th, 2015. New residential water heaters are now required under the new Final Rule to perform to a higher energy factor (EF) rating.

The new rule applies to nearly all residential gas, electric, oil and tankless gas water heaters. To achieve the desired EF rating, one of the impacts of this new rule is many of the new tanks are now physically larger.

There has never been a better time to implement a PowerMate Stair Climber and/or LiftGate solution to help save you valuable time and money when tasked with moving both residential and commercial sized tanks!

Based on more than 35 years of experience, the following are two of the most popular PowerMate stair climber solutions for safely and efficiently moving hydronic products including, hot water tanks of all sizes. You are invited to choose from one of these proven solutions or customize your own based on your specific needs.

“Residential” Water Heater Solutions (up to ~80 gallons): PowerMate Model L-1

L-1-PowerMate-Stair-Climber2 L-1-Accessories



“Commercial” Water Heater Solutions (~80 gallon and over): PowerMate Model M-2B

m2b_productshot M-2B-Accessories



View video of PowerMate moving Residential and Commercial Water Heaters

Review the Commercial Water Heater Foundation Presentation


Operator training by factory trained personnel is always strongly recommended by the manufacturer for all PowerMate Stair Climbing Models and applications.

You are invited to contact PowerMate today to learn more and confirm which PowerMate safety lifting solution is right for you and your business.

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