PowerMate Adds Value to Your Operation

Safety, Product and Property Integrity, and a Better Bottom Line.

The following is an analysis of projected savings through the implementation of a PowerMate® Solution utilizing one person versus two. Based on two people completing ten installs per month at an average of four hours per install:

Current method:
Cost of labor per month   = 2 people x $30.00/hr x 4 hours = $240.00 per Install x 10 Installs  = $2,400.00 per month

PowerMate® Solution:
Cost of labor per month   = 1 person x PowerMate® x 4 hours  = $120.00 per Install x 10 Installs = $1,200.00 per month

Annual savings using a PowerMate...

Monthly Labor Savings Using a PowerMate = $1,200.00 or $14,400.00 Per Year;
If you were to bill the second person out at $100.00 per hour (Net  $70.00 ($100-$30) x 480 Hrs.), for example, you could generate additional net revenue of $33,600.00 per year for...

A Potential Annual Savings/Revenue = $48,000.00

That is a greater than 10:1 R.O.I. at the end of year 1!

PLUS: Avoid just one injury and potentially save an average additional expense of $29,000!

Your PowerMate reliability provides for a low Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the unit.
  • Low maintenance costs, lasts for years with proper care.
  • Top quality high-tech sealed gel battery (4-7 year life span on average.)
  • Solid state controls resulting in increased battery life and reduced total cost of ownership.
Our M-Series wheel brakes keep the load from shifting while on stairs and contribute to leverage by spreading the load over a larger surface area. M-Series machines carry the weight on the outer frame increasing stability and reducing the potential for frame twisting - unique to PowerMate!